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Safeguarding Australia's Wildlife [October 2020]

Towards a Non-Mulesed Future [July 2020]

RSPCA Australia Submission to Australian Animal Welfare Standards & Guidelines for Poultry [2018, BG Economics Report for RSPCA cited]

The Economic and Social Benefits and Costs of Legalising Recreational Cannabis in Queensland [December 2016]

Pet Ownership in Queensland Strata Schemes - Economic, financial & public health benefits [June 2016]


Economics of cannabis [23 January 2020 'Economics Explained']

Economics of apartment living [2 October 2019 'Economics Explained']

How much is that doggy in the window? [17 May 2018 'The Money' ABC radio at 9:20, 13:10, 20:45]


Cannabis Industry to Light Up [7 January 2021]

Does Qld need a few large firefighting planes? [14 September 2019]

Strata 'Management Rights' must be reviewed by the Queensland Gov't  [19 August 2019]

Meat disruption: it's here and now [10 July 2019]

Blunt message to states from Canberra on recreational cannabis [17 September 2018]

Will 2018 be the year for Airbnb certainty? [12 March 2018]

Pets, Airbnb and Management Rights: Strata policy challenges for the incoming Queensland Government [13 November 2017]

Pets are good for your health, the Budget and the economy [17 September 2016]

Post-Viridian, bodies corporate need economists [23 May 2016]

Property law review should be picked up by new Qld Government [15 February 2015]


BG Report 'Towards a Non-Mulesed Future' featured in ABC Landline (from 4.30 min mark) [15 November 2020]

Legalising cannabis will boost tax revenue and create jobs [6 January 2018]

Economists Argue for Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis Use in Queensland [16 December 2016]

Presentation to MPs at Queensland Parliament House re. economic and public health benefits of pets in strata [2016]